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About Healthspan Clinic

Dr. Albert Salmona MB, BS. (Syd). FAARM, ABAARM, Grad. Dip. Ac.

Dedicated to harnessing the power of modern science to improve the quality of life as we age, Dr. Salmona is continually scanning  the latest research for new therapeutic applications. Fellow of American Academy of Anti-Ageing and Regenerative Medicine, American Board Certified, Member International Peptide society, Member International Hormone Society, Member World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine.

Anti-ageing Medicine

Anti-ageing is about preventing degenerative diseases and maintaining vitality and function, extending the prime of our lives. An anti-ageing program focuses on lifestyle, supplements and hormone optimisation. It must respect the unique genetics and preferences of each person. 


Specialising in:

Menopause and perimenopause - Men's health and erectile dysfunction - Weight loss and metabolic health - Prevention of Diabetes and Heart Disease - Bio-identical Hormones - Anti-Ageing Programs. 

Patient Centred, Holistic, Functional Medicine approach.

One hour initial consultations.